How to Stay Fit During the Holidays

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Ready or not, here comes the holiday season. That means a good deal of stress and overeating for most of us up until the new year. So how can you balance traveling, family obligations, and the season’s most delectable treats with your current fitness routine?

Here are some tips to consider:

Keep moving

It’s easy to sit for prolonged periods of time, but especially during the holidays. Make it a point to get up for at least five minutes every half hour. Take a walk around the house, perform simple squat exercises, or do whatever else to keep you moving.

But what happens when you’re overwhelmed and just need some ‘me’ time? Rather than get cozy on the couch with sweets and a holiday movie marathon, why not hit the gym instead? What seems like a trivial decision can pay dividends in the long run.

Stay hydrated

This is a big one. We’re willing to bet you have coffee dates, company parties, and other festive gatherings this time of year. At times, you may completely forget to drink water.

So what’s our advice? Well, a large glass of water before a meal not only provides much-needed hydration, but it can also lessen the amount of food you consume. Here’s your friendly reminder to drink six to eight glasses of water per day.

Get enough exercise and sleep

There’s a lot on your plate these next two months. Some of it is fun and exciting while other tasks might be more stressful than anything else. In any case, recognize the need for sufficient exercise and sleep.

Not sure if you can make workouts after leaving the office? Then switch things up and hit the gym first thing in the morning. Lastly, stick to your regular sleep schedule, even if it means putting off certain responsibilities until the next day.

Be flexible with workouts

This ties back with the previous point. Obviously, there will be times the next few months when you’re all set to workout only to have something come up at the last second. Don’t let this discourage you, though!

Rather than skip the gym completely, make time for a 20-minute workout at home. It could consist of body-weight exercises, kettlebell swings, stairs, or a combination of the three. Unless you want to put on weight during the holidays, it’s absolutely critical to be flexible with workouts.

Be creative with family gatherings

Every family has their own holiday traditions. For some, it might be making cookies at grandma’s or cooking a special Christmas Eve dinner. Maybe 2018 is the year you and your family incorporate physical activity into a holiday tradition.

Need some ideas? Consider taking a family walk around the neighborhood to look at lights. Or, as an alternative to meeting a friend for drinks and a movie, try a kickboxing class together.

Be okay indulging every now and then

We can go on forever about how to stay fit during the holidays. That said, don’t stress yourself out even more because you had a few seasonal treats or missed an occasional workout. Remember the importance of the season and cherish these special moments with friends and family.

Before you know it, 2019 will be upon us and we’ll be back to normal routines. So be mindful this season and enjoy yourself.

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