Top Five Quick Bodybuilding Tips

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So you’ve decided to get into bodybuilding. Unfortunately, coming up with the ideal workout program and diet can be quite the process. How many days in a week will you workout? What exercises will the workout entail? How many reps should each exercise consist of? The questions seem to go on forever. Rather than get bogged down in information, all you want to do is hit the gym and get into a rhythm. With that in mind, here are five quick bodybuilding tips from

  1. Focus on lifting more weight over time – Here’s the thing: If you aren’t increasing the amount you are lifting over a few months of time, then you aren’t building muscle as quickly as you should be. Lifting heavier and heavier weights should be your number one priority as a bodybuilder. Maybe you’re thinking, “What if I can’t increase the weight anymore?” In these cases, try other strategies such as drop sets, supersets, etc. to help increase the body’s potential.
  2. Only perform exercises that work at least two muscle groups at once – Compound exercises are critical for natural bodybuilding. For 80 percent of your workout, you should be performing exercises that work two muscle groups at minimum. Take the bench press, for example, which works the shoulders, chest, triceps, and biceps. Barbell curls, on the other hand, only work the biceps. You only have so much time in a busy schedule to workout. So why waste it on exercises that don’t provide the best results-to-energy invested tradeoff? Whether they are shoulder workouts, upper body workouts, leg workouts, or chest workouts, you want them to be as dynamic as possible.
  3. Fuel right before and after the workout – Without the right bodybuilding diet, all that effort in the gym gets wasted. Remember that your body requires amino acids to synthesize new muscle mass, as well as carbohydrates for energy to formulate new muscle tissue. This is where meal prep is so important for bodybuilders. Right before and after a workout, you can easily heat up a healthy meal that complements what you just did. The last thing you want to do is swing by a local fast food joint and ruin your workout.
  4. Change things up after two weeks – If you ever reach a point where you aren’t seeing results any longer, then you’ve probably hit a plateau. That’s why it’s imperative to always change your program. Mix up the order in which you perform the exercises, the amount of rest you take in between sets and the type of exercises you are performing. Shocking the body is a good thing when it comes to bodybuilding.
  5. Get plenty of rest – Maybe you’re already seeing results with bodybuilding. So you make it a point to train even harder and wind up losing sight of the fact that your body needs rest. Ideally, take one day off between each strength training workout. Keep in mind that if you try to push your body hard in other activities on your designated days off, it’s going to negatively impact progress.

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