Workout of the Week 03-12-18 Pyramid Training Week 2

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Workout of the Week 03-12-18 Pyramid Training Week 2

Another month gone and we dive deeper into 2018! At Atlas Nutrition we want to focus on keeping up with the momentum of your progress and increase the intensity of our WOWs (Workout Of the Week), as we have developed a good foundation to work off of!

For the month of March we will introduce and dive into Pyramid Training, specifically the triangle style of pyramid training.

Pyramid Training is a simple and great way to effectively increase muscle strength and size through the strategic structure of your sets and reps. Also, with triangle pyramid training we can incorporate warm-up and cool-down sets to fully engage the muscle group being trained.

In each workout we will complete 4-5 sets of each exercise with a rep range that will start off high to activate the muscles, then have 1-2 peak “failure” sets, where the reps will be low and weight heavy, here is where you truly push yourself. Then descend to activate deeper muscle fibers and optimize muscle growth with a lower weight and higher rep range.

Give it a try and tell us what you think! <img class=

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