Workout of the Week 07-02-18 On The Go Training Week 1

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We understand that this time of year it is tough to make it to the gym with summer in full swing most people are enjoying their summer travels and vacations✈🌴😎. But, we also understand that we have some pretty dedicated followers out there that want to find a way to sneak in a few workouts still.
So, our focus this month for our WOWs (Workout Of the Week) is to give you an efficient, on-the-go workout that you can complete quickly, break a sweat, get a pump and head back to the festivities. We recommend buying a set of resistance bands that will accommodate to our exercises & are super easy to travel with.
Each workout will have 2 upper body & 2 lower body exercises. Complete each exercise by performing 3 to 4sets with the designated rep range shown on our template! Keep the rest periods between sets & exercises to a minimal (30-60seconds) to keep the heart rate up and burn more calories