Workout of the Week 08/20/18 7-4-7 Training Week 3

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Workout of the Week 08/20/16 7-4-7 Training Week 3

Our focus this month for the Atlas Nutrition WOWs (Workout Of the Week) is on the 7-4-7 methodology of training. This method was designed to create alternating work loads during your set of the trained muscle group. This allows for more muscle fiber recruitment. This particular method focuses on exhausting muscle fibers at multiple levels which will result in further muscle stimulation & hypertrophy (size/growth).


Each workout will have 1 to 3 exercises incorporating this method. For those exercises you will start your set with a moderate weight, that is still difficult but not too heavy, and complete 7 reps. Then you will quickly rack & increase the weight and complete another 4 reps at more difficulty. Lastly you will finish the set with an additional 7 reps at OR below the weight you initially started with. Then rest. That is one set. Complete 3 to 4 sets of this repetition. Take a break between sets for about 60-90seconds to allow for recovery. After the 7-4-7 exercises are completed you will exhaust the muscle group further by completing a couple auxiliary exercises.