Workout of the Week – Peripheral Heart Training #1

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We know we are well into the holiday season, so to help keep some unwanted pounds off and put those extra calories to use we decided to go with another type of circuit training for our WOWs this month!
Peripheral Heart Action Training (PHA):
PHA is what we like to call the super circuit training, it will bring a lot of intensity to your workouts and burn a lot of extra calories.
This type of training, PHA, was designed to keep the heart pumping and also to limit lactic acid build up by switching between muscle groups. In this style of training you alternate muscle groups of different extremities. As you’ll see in the workout we are alternating between upper body, lower body and finishing with a core exercise.
Since this is circuit style training, fast paced, keep your exercise weight to about 50-70% of your one rep max. Complete all 5 exercises, 30seconds rest between each exercise. Do 3-5 rounds depending on experience/conditioning