Programs I Coach:
Seasonal Challenges
Warrior Program
    Personal Fitness & Lifestyle
      Certified American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer
      3 + years of Personal Training Experience
      Fitness Nutrition Specialist
      Bachelor of Science: Human Development and Family Studies
      Certified Board30 Group Fitness Instructor
      NPC Bikini Competitor
      6 NPC Competitions
      Nationally Ranked (3rd place Class A) at NPC National Championships

        My Story: 

        Growing up, I was a dancer and always had movement in my life. When I started college, that changed for me and I found myself eating 1-2 small meals a day and doing cardio at the gym to try to maintain this skinny image I thought I needed. In 2014 not only was my physical health hurting, but my mental health was also at a low point. I decided to hire a fitness coach, set goals, and enter a bikini bodybuilding competition. My life was changed for the better and I knew I would love nothing more than to impact others’ lives the way my coach impacted mine.

        Why I Love Coaching: 

        I can truly say, there is no greater gift and nothing more rewarding than to be able to help change someone’s life for the better; as a coach this is something I get to do!

        My Coaching Style: 

        -I believe in making individualized plans that are made for YOU and your goals
        -I will always be there for you. I genuinely care about each of my clients
        -I will always be here to answer questions and help you along your journey. 
        -Communication and honesty are key. In order for us to get the best results communication is absolutely crucial.
        -I will take time to listen to you and your goals and provide a path to get you there.
        -I believe in long term success and will always put your health first!