Coaching Style

I will push you harder than you realized you were capable of. I will hold you accountable and not let you fail. We’ll create long-term lifestyle changes for the better. Ultimately, you WILL succeed with me because I want you to succeed as badly as you do.

I love coaching because I love seeing others succeed and discover themselves in the endeavor that ultimately gave me a greater sense of direction and led me to who I am today.

Specialization & Credentials

I specialize in Contest Prep and Personal & Lifestyle fitness, while emphasizing a new mentality towards success in all of my clients.

Credentials: Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology & Nutritional Sciences ● 6 years in the fitness industry ● 5 years as a competitive bodybuilder ● Five 1st Place Class Class Wins ● Two 2nd Place Class Finishes ● Two Overall Victories

Austyn's Story

Wanting something to strive for is what led me to finding myself in the gym everyday of the week.

I needed that ‘thing’ that provided a goal for me to work hard toward. I took a dive into bodybuilding after seeing my first competition in 2016, in which my sister competed (now an IFBB Pro). It sparked my interest and gave me a better sense of direction with my training and gave me the drive to get bigger and better. I did my first show at the Northern Colorado Championship in 2017 and the rest is history. I have now competed in 8 shows with several class wins and two overall victories, including my most recent overall at the 2021 Dallas Europa. My desire to help others succeed led me to coaching, in which I am extremely grateful to do.

What Clients Say About Austyn

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