What Atlas Stands For

Mind: Our physical bodies are our vehicles in this life. It is important that they perform optimally. We believe in prioritizing physical health so as to have the energy, strength, and longevity to live a most fulfilling life.

Body: Having a growth mindset will increase our ability to see and seize opportunities, to be adaptable and take advantage of our circumstances rather than feel like a victim of them. We as a team value education, collaboration, and ingenuity.

Soul: Success isn’t based solely on pushing ourselves to our limits, but knowing when to slow down to find stillness within. Intention and awareness, achieved through meditation, journaling, breathing exercises, etc, are not only supportive but essential to becoming the best version of ourselves.

The Atlas Pillars

Community: The importance of a supportive community is invaluable. We strive to actively encourage, inspire, and empower one another. We celebrate each other's victories. We have each other's backs. We are family.

Fitness: We believe that fitness consists of body, mind, and soul. We implore all to prioritize overall health, take in whole foods and nourishing thoughts, and find the balance between moving your body and creating stillness and strength within, so as to live a most fulfilling life.

Education: We as a team value education, collaboration, and ingenuity. We continually work to stay well informed so as to have access to the best resources available. We demonstrate the value we place on having a growth mindset by actively learning and growing, individually and as a team.

Working With Atlas

Atlas is offering the opportunity for talented individuals, whether an experienced coach with existing clientele, or one who seeks to begin their coaching journey to join the ranks of the Atlas Coaching Team and our collectively recognized 'Atlas Fam'

We continue to identify those who elevate themselves, taking the initiative to set themselves apart and uphold an elite level of service that challenges the idea of adhering to the 'industry-standard'.