Coaching Style

I believe mentality is everything and I’m always here to support you, but will give you tough love if you need it. I won’t cut corners, we will address your health as a whole and make this a long term, sustainable change. I will be 100% open and honest with you, so I expect the same in return. We’ll set short term and long term goals and we’ll tick them off one by one.

Being in the health and fitness industry has always been my home, there’s nothing better than the feeling of helping someone change their life for the better, forever!

Specialization & Credentials

Specializations: Personal Fitness & Lifestyle ● Functional Training and Nutrition ● Pre and Post Natal Exercise and Nutrition ● Behaviour Change Coaching ● Rehabilitation

Credentials: CIMSPA Personal Trainer ● University Diploma in Rehabilitation ● Exercise Nutrition Diploma ● NPC Wellness Competitor

Hayley's Story

I’ve always been very active, I was a collegiate athlete and studied Physical Therapy for 2 years!

I left college after learning the hard way the importance of mental health and started on my journey as a coach. I missed the competitive side of fitness and was introduced to bodybuilding by a friend and immediately knew I’d found my place again. The last 4 years have been a huge learning curve and I will always educate my clients on the importance of health as a whole, not just the physical side.

What Clients Say About Hayley