Coaching Style

You are unique - my approach will be individualized to you. We are going to find the root cause of your wellness problems - no quick fixes. I’m going to give you my very best, and I expect you to give yours. Know that progress isn’t linear - we will navigate the ups and downs optimistically. My goal is education and sustainability - you won’t need me forever, and I know that. I love coaching because I think there is something so freeing about becoming your best YOU, and I love helping people pursue that for themselves.

Specialization & Credentials

Specializations: Personal Fitness & Lifestyle ● Hormone + Gut Health ● Functional Nutrition ● Holistic Approach

Credentials: Masters of Science Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine ● NASM Certified Personal Trainer ● 3 Years of Personal Training Experience ● Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry ● Group fitness instructor

Who We Are

Since high school biology class, I have been completely fascinated by the human body. This took me down a path towards healthcare, but it wasn’t until after college that I began truly pursuing what I am so passionate about...

finding healing and growth through passionate and dedicated selfcare - meaning nutrition, exercise, mental health, loving relationships, etc. This wasn’t easy. I developed this perspective after facing battle after battle of my own - health issues, poor nutrition, injuries and setbacks, stress and anxiety, low places, poor self-esteem, broken relationships, and more. Through each hardship, I learned that I needed to take care of myself to feel well and perform well in the areas that were important to me. Digging my way out of those struggles and pursuing the real ME has been the best gift to myself. Coaching is the perfect outlet for me to help other people realize this potential in themselves.

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