Coaching Style

I have an in-depth focus on your health, inside and out. I'm flexible with my approach to coaching - Macro Counting, set meals plans, or a mix of both - whatever creates the best lifestyle for my clients. I'm here to support you, but I expect you to be ready & willing to make changes for you, your health, and your goals long term - there are no quick fixes.

Specialization & Credentials

Specializations: Contest Prep ● Personal Fitness & Lifestyle ● Hormone Health ● Gut Health

Credentials: FxNA Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor - CFNC ● NESTA Nutrition Certification ● NPC Top 5 National Bikini Competitor ● 30+ Overall Placings ● 100+ Top 5 Placings ● Coached over 200+ clients

Lauren's Story

I love coaching because everyday when I wake up I get the opportunity to change or impact someone's life everyday

I always played sports growing up, and once that came to an end I started weight training. Weight training was more than a hobby for me, it saved me from going down the wrong path. I started competing in the NPC at a national level for the last 7 years. I loved competing, but even more so now I love coaching and helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. Coaching & teaching is my passion.

When you dive into prep or a lifestyle transformation, it is a mental journey, and I always stress this to each client - I am here to help on every level. I want to not only help you get physically fit, but mentally fit.

What Clients Say About Lauren