Coaching Style

Each person was crafted beautifully unique so my plan will be personalized specifically for you. I’m here for YOU, but I am not you, so the more you keep me in the know and the more detail you can give, the more I will be able to help you as a coach. I will equally support and nurture you but also challenge you and hold you accountable. I’ll give you my best effort so I expect the same from you. I understand that progress is not straightforward so this may not be an entirely smooth ride; we are likely to traverse hills and valleys, hit some dumps that shake us up, and come across some roadblocks that cause us to take detours but when this happens we will not take short-cuts or start speeding, that will only get us caught up and slow us down. Do know that this is about the journey, not the destination so we will navigate this together, with me in your pocket for guidance, but it will not work on hope alone, you have to read the directions and follow the map. Let’s work together to create a road map for long-term lifestyle changes that work for YOU! `that will help you reach your goals

Specialization & Credentials

Specializations: Personal Fitness & Lifestyle ● Muscle / Strength Building ● Mental Health ● Holistic Approach

Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Exercise Science ● ACSM Exercise Physiologist ● FM Certified Nutrition Specialist ● Personal Trainer ● Wellness Coach

Lindsay's Story

It all started in 2012... I was a teen battling an eating disorder. What began as an interest in fitness spiraled into a vicious, restrictive cycle...

I became unhealthily obsessed with only healthy food and exercised way too much which in turn caused much turmoil, anxiety, isolation in attempts to minimize myself. It took years of fighting, failing and learning but it was through my toughest battle and recovery process that I came to realize the significance of nutrition, fitness, and mental health and how closely intertwined they are. As awful as it was, my eating disorder helped shape me into the person that I am today and was ultimately the catalyst that led me to my passion. It was through learning how to properly fuel my body, finding a love for my body and what it can do through fitness and continuously working to improve my mental health that I was healed; I no longer strive to become smaller but rather stronger. I've experienced firsthand, time stole away from me so I’ve made it my mission to help others collapse time in their own fitness journey, by helping them cut through all of the fad diets, quick-fixes, and nutrition / fitness myths that circulate the media and instead provide them with knowledge, guidance, and accountability to work towards their goals in holistic, sustainable manner.

What Clients Say About Lindsay