Coaching Style

As a former firefighter for over 20 years, I incorporate responsive characteristics into my coaching style such as empathy, compassion, balance, dedication, and steadfast determination. Feeling defeated? Lacking motivation? Need a hero? I am here to save your day! Only this time, it's your health!

To fight fire, you must be in the best shape of your life! I know what it takes to be in extreme physical condition. I have trained hundreds of firefighters throughout my career, which was no small feat I promise you. Let’s take a risk together! I’m the guy giving you the proper tools and guidance to save your life. Together, we can get you back on track and on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

During our training together, I will build your trust through shared experiences and knowledge. I will celebrate your victories big and small! Together, we will face the hard times while you overcome your own fears.

Specialization & Credentials

Specialization: Ron Specializes in Personal Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching

Credentials: Bachelors in Business Administration ● NASM Certified Sports Nutrition Coach ● 20+ in Emergency Management ● Stephen Minister

Ron's Story

Prior to my interest in weight training and healthy living, I chose endurance sports and activities that focused on extreme training conditions that kept my adrenaline pumping.

From sixteen years on the soccer field, NCAA and international competitions in Tae Kwon Do and Kuk Sul Won as well as a little skydiving, I found the business world mundane after college. I soon left to serve my community as a firefighter after 9/11, and the rest is history. During my career, physical and mental conditioning was a matter of life and death. At times I took this training to physical extremes, so I did not always get the desired result. After retirement and through Atlas, I discovered a holistic approach to training which includes mind, body, and spirit. I continue to serve my community as a Stephen Minister and personal trainer and caring for others is a trait I wholeheartedly enjoy.