Coaching Style

I push my clients to strengthen their mind as much as their body. You will start to learn the importance of setting goals and the development of many self-improvement habits. I want my clients to understand why and how we do things in order for them to have the confidence in making this a sustainable lifestyle. Communication is vital to our success together. As a coach, I go above and beyond to support your journey and your success, If you commit yourself 100% to this process, I will devote 110% to you in return. I have experience with contest prep, weight loss, muscle gain, athletic performance to carb-cycling, intermittent fasting, keto and carb-backloading. I continuously educate myself to ensure a program can be effectively implemented into your lifestyle that complements your goals and body type.

Specialization & Credentials

Specializations: Nutrition ● Personal Fitness & Lifestyle ● Contest Prep ● Nationally ranked contest prep clients ● 50lbs+ weight loss transformations ● Mindset & goal setting ● Emphasis on nutrient timing

Credentials: Precision Nutrition certified ● N.C.C.P.T. certified ● NESTA Fitness Coach certified ● 4-year study in Bio-medical sciences ● Top 5 NPC National Classic Physique competitor ● 10+ NPC competitions

Tony's Story

I’ll never forget the day my dad took me to the gym when I was just a teenager, that day forward, I knew I was hooked.

I thrived off the personal challenge to continue to better myself. This landed me on stage at my first bodybuilding competition where I took first at 17 years old, in the Teen division. I felt so accomplished and confident in myself & my identity. In college, I can openly admit that I faced many failures and lost touch with my identity. My wakeup call came in 2013 where I was admitted to the hospital for very poor decisions. That wakeup call changed my life. I fell back in love with the sport of bodybuilding, dropped bad habits, developed disciplines and regained control of my life. Fitness continues to be my saving grace and has helped me overcome depression, anxiety and has given me direction in life, with purpose. This lifestyle has brought out the best in me and it can bring out the best in YOU, you just have to take the first step.

What Clients Say About Tony